Une École Pour Tous answers the individual needs of every child. We can often accommodate children who frequented the other Montessori schools or, occasionally, non-Montessori students who would be comfortable in a Montessori program.

Parents interested in registering their child at Une École Pour Tous should:

  1. Come and observe the class without their child.
  2. Complete our application and return with a nonrefundable deposit to reserve a place.
  3. Make an appointment after school hours so your child can meet his or her teacher and be intriduced to the new environment.

We offer new enrolments beginning in March, after the re-registration of current students.

Parents’ Role

By registering your child at Une École Pour Tous, parents make a commitment to:

  1. Adapt their home environment to their child.
  2. Participate in the Parents evenings and meetings.
  3. Participate in two activity days (e.g. craft and gardening).

You can reach us at 613-548-4138 register for an in-class observation at Une École Pour Tous or to obtain additional information.