Age Groups

Age Groups

Maria Montessori observed that young children, from 0 to 6 years of age, possess a unique mind with great intellectual capacity that allows the child to adapt to differing cultural, geographic and temporal environments. This "absorbent mind,” as Montessori describes it, instills the child with passion and the desire to seek out those experiences that will make him or her truly human.

At Une École Pour Tous, we offer two learning environments for your child.


Toddler at UEPT

This environment welcomes a group of 10 children full-time or part-time, supervised by an educator and an assistant. It is very often the first place of socialization for your child. He or she will learn to do things for him or herself through diverse exercises emphasizing practical life and the refinement or the child’s sensory development by observations, manipulations and the experiences within their environment.

“The first instinct of the child is to act only, without the help of others, and their first act of independence is to defend themselves from those who try to help them. He or she always tries to make a bigger effort to act by him or herself.” Maria Montessori


The Children’s House

The Children's House

In this group of 24, the children are between 3 and 6 years of age and are supervised by two educators and an assistant. At this stage of their development, your child is going to internalize all the rules of his or her environment (e.g. language, culture, code). The objective of the children’s house is to allow your child to perfect his or her fine and global psychomotricity, social sense of self and the building of his or her intelligence.

“One of the main practices of our method is the use of sensory exercises that develop your child’s sensory awareness in order to appreciate the world around them.” Maria Montessori


The Different Ages

The Different Ages

The coexistence of different age groups in the same environment strengthens your child's social sense, his or her self-confidence and the pleasure of giving and receiving help.

“The biggest become heroes and leaders, and younger ones are their admirers: they look to their elders for inspiration, and work towards their goals.” Maria Montessori