What parents say

I would like to say we gave been delighted with the Une École Pour Tous experience. We have watched our son blossom since he started his first day. He's become more independent, and confident in his abilities. He loves going to school every morning and really enjoys his friends and teachers!  As parents we love the learning environment he is in everyday and are impressed with the efforts of the teachers and staff to make it an enjoyable experience for the children. 

- Kim(2012-…)

"Une École Pour Tous has been a source of community and new friendships for our family. More importantly, the delightful staff and the Montessori-based experiential approach in their teaching have given our daughter social skills and a confident start on life!"

- Daniel (2011-2016)

We take enormous pleasure in sitting with our son the days he brings home the contents of his 'casier', while he proudly shows us the projects he has been working on and the skills he has developed. We believe that his confidence and joy in learning have been fed by the first-rate teaching staff at Une École Pour Tous, and by a teaching philosophy that follows a child's lead and responds to his or her interests and unique development. 

- Bridget(2011-…)

We have had children attending Une Ecole Pour Tous for 4 years, going on a 5th year this fall. 

There are so many things to love about this learning and care environment, here are some that top our list:

  • the gentle start to learning and at a truly individual pace
  • the Montessori approach - engaging, real world activities for the children to build their skills and confidence.  There is an intellectual underpinning in the activities the children do, but driven by inquiry from the child's perspective.  I remember Tracy telling me coming to UEPT should feel like going to your grandmother’s house.  That's exactly what it is.  The children love helping prepare meals, sewing buttons, setting tables, planting and tending to gardens, and learning cursive writing.
  • the multi-language and multi-cultural environment.  It's incredible observing your child integrate another language at such a young age.
  • the staff.  Their dedication and care for the students.  I feel so confident that my children are well cared for during their time there.
  • the community.  For the children: emphasized in activities like eating lunch together in a family-like environment.  For the parents and supporters: opportunities to engage with other families at the various coordinated events.

 - Lori (2011-…)

We were very impressed with Une Ecole Pour Tous. The teaching staff are professional and extremely friendly and it shows that they care a great deal about the students. Our child learned a great deal of French during his time there, and we feel that he has been well prepared for the French school system. We would highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in French language education.  

- Leanne

Watching our daughter grow and learn in the Montessori environment has been a joy.  Not only has she developed amazing practical and fine motor skills, such as setting the table, tying her shoes, and sewing buttons at a young age, she has developed empathy and kindness towards the younger children in her class.  She even has opportunities to teach the younger ones the skills that she has already mastered... all in a very calm, peaceful environment.  I wish she could continue beyond SK.

- Teresa (2011-2016)

Our two boys attended Une École Pour Tous, our eldest son started at 3 years of age and the youngest stayed from 18 months until kindergarten. They loved the school. They felt respected, fulfilled, well cared for and loved by their friends and their teachers. They felt challenged at all times, from outdoor activities to learning activities and even through mealtimes, during which so much was taught! Autonomy, helping to cook, serving oneself, setting the table, cleaning up, silent moments and moments to talk and even laugh, etc. This is an extremely stimulating learning environment where a sense of devotion from the parental community as well as from the teachers is strongly felt and appreciated!

- Stephanie (2009-2014)

A big thank-you for the education our boys received at Une École Pour Tous. Your professionalism as educators had a great positive influence on our two sons. This facilitated their eventual transition to a new school, a new city and a new environment. In short, a lot of change and challenge for our two little guys.

We have many happy memories of our time at Une École Pour Tous and are very grateful. Hats off again to the entire team!

- Sylvain and Fides (2009-2007)